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Latest news

New online Health and Disability questions

Published: Wednesday 11 January 2023

Existing applicants are now able to tell us about how their accommodation may be impacting on their health and/or disability via online questions.

To do this:

- log into your account on the Home Choice Plus website

- click on View or Edit your Social Housing Application Form

- scroll through the form to 7.Section B - Your Circumstances and tick Yes under the Medical Need question

- the health and disability questions will now appear

- please answer all of the questions

- then click through the rest of the form and press Submit at the end

The new information you have provided will then be assessed by a member of the relevant Home Choice Plus team. Following asseessment, you will be notified of any changes to your Home Choice Plus banding. 

New applicants who are applying online for the first time will be able to find the health and disability questions by ticking Yes in answer to the Medical Need question when this part of the form is reached.


Help with the cost of living

Published: Wednesday 7 December 2022

The three Councils which make up the Home Choice Plus partnership have help and information relating to the cost of living crisis available on their websites.

Click on the links below for up to date information:

Cost of Living Support -

You may also be able to get help and advice from Act On Energy:

Changes to Home Choice Plus website from Tuesday 27 April 2021

Published: Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Home Choice Plus website is being upgraded and improved on Tuesday 27 April 2021.

The improved website will have these additional features:

- Improved security. After the upgrade, you will be required to add a password to your application, in addition to using your memorable date. On first logging on, the system will prompt you to create a password. This must have at least 2 lower case letters, 2 upper case letters and 2 numbers. Symbols and punctuation are not allowed

- Uploading your own documents. You will be able to upload your own supporting documents to your application.  This will be accessed from the My Account page under Social Housing (Upload/View documents)

Please contact your local Home Choice Plus office if you have any problems accessing your account after the upgrade. 


Bidding on properties

Published: Thursday 19 September 2019

When placing bids on properties, it is important that applicants place bids in line with the lettings criteria as stated in the property advert.


Please read the property advert carefully.


For instance, if the property advert says "For households with two or more children", you should not bid if you have one child.


If you do place bids on properties you are not eligible for, your bid is likely to be skipped.


If you need any further assistance in respect of bidding on Home Choice Plus, or with any other aspects of your application, please contact  your local Home Choice Plus office.


Are You Tenancy Ready?

Published: Wednesday 7 February 2018

Whether you are looking for privately rented accommodation or social housing you will need to have everything in place to ensure that you can accept a tenancy and move in.

You need to work out what is the maximum rent that you can afford and how you will furnish the property as it is unlikely to have carpets, kitchen appliances or other furnishings. 

There are a number of websites that can help you to create a budget by calculating your income and outgoings such as rent, gas and electricity, water rates and Council Tax to help you to decide what is affordable to you. 

It is likely that you will need to make a rent payment in advance and have a bank account to set up regular rent payments by direct debit or standing order to your landlord. If you need help to furnish your property, your Council’s Housing Options Team might be able to direct you to local furniture recycling projects..

The links below provide you with helpful advice and budgeting tools:

Money Advice Service

How to Rent Guide

Tenancy Agreements – Citizens Advice Bureau