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Update 25 March 2020 - Home Choice Plus - coronavirus

Published: Wednesday 25 March 2020

Since the most recent government announcement in relation to coronavirus, most housing association landlords with properties in the partnership area have decided to pause the allocations process.

This means that it is likely that for applicants who have already been matched to properties, these sign-ups may not be taking place for the foreseeable future. If you are affected by this, the housing association landlord will be in touch with you.

Those landlords who are still able to sign up tenants will continue to do this, and they will also be in touch with applicants to explain the process.

Most housing association landlords have also indicated that, for the foreseeable future, no further properties will be advertised on Home Choice Plus. In areas where landlords are still able to allocate, properties may still be advertised.

We would advise you to keep up with local information in relation to coronavirus via your local authority’s website which will have all of the latest guidance and advice.

Home Choice Plus - coronavirus

Published: Monday 23 March 2020

At present, we will continue to be advertising properties on Home Choice Plus. However, this is a fast moving situation and things may change in the future. We will keep you informed as and when things change.

We would advise you to keep up with what's happening in your local area in relation to coronavirus via your local council's website which will have all of the latest guidance and advice.



Updated Allocations Policy

Published: Thursday 3 October 2019

Thanks to all those that took part in the recent consultation on changes to our Allocations Policy. The consultation ran between June and September and there were up to 650 respondents. The proposals were widely supported and subject to indidivual Council's giving approval, it is proposed we commence the new policy from 1st February 2020 and the new Allocations Policy can now be seen on the website. For results of the survey please see the Further Information page.

Bidding on properties

Published: Thursday 19 September 2019

When placing bids on properties, it is important that applicants place bids in line with the lettings criteria as stated in the property advert.


Please read the property advert carefully.


For instance, if the property advert says "For households with two or more children", you should not bid if you have one child.


If you do place bids on properties you are not eligible for, your bid is likely to be skipped.


If you need any further assistance in respect of bidding on Home Choice Plus, or with any other aspects of your application, please contact  your local Home Choice Plus office.


Changes to Home Choice Plus property and bidding lines

Published: Tuesday 6 November 2018

Due to a significant reduction in the number of customers using the Home Choice Plus Property and Bidding Lines, this is to notify that we will be discontinuing these phone lines from the 1st December 2018.

You can access information about properties that are available through the Home Choice Plus website at

If you are unable to access the internet and would like some help in relation to property availability and placing bids please contact the housing options team which is dealing with your application.